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Founded in 1971, the Libertarian Party is the third largest political party in Pennsylvania and the nation, with 145 elected and appointed officials currently serving in office nationwide, and 32 here in Pennsylvania.

Like the Founding Fathers, Libertarians believe that you have a God-given, inalienable right to conduct your life as you see fit, without interference, so long as you respect the rights and property of others. As a result, Libertarians favor a smaller, more responsible government. Libertarians agree with the traditional Republican values of economic freedom and low taxes, and with the Democratic values of personal freedom and tolerance. For more information about the Libertarian Party, the public is invited to contact the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania at (800) R-Rights or www.LpPa.Org, or the National Libertarian Party at (800) Elect-Us or www.Lp.Org.

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