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Mr. Krawchuk has been a registered Libertarian since 1993.

He has run twice as the Libertarian candidate for Governor of Pennsylvania, first in 1998 against Tom Ridge, then again in 2002 against Ed Rendell, receiving 33,591 votes in 1998, and 40,962 in 2002--a new record for the Libertarian Party for that office. In 1994 and 2012, he ran as the Libertarian candidate for State Representative in District 153 (Abington/Rockledge). He also ran as the Libertarian candidate for Abington Township Commissioner in 1995, 1997, 2001, and 2005, and in 2000 as the Libertarian candidate for Pennsylvania's 2nd Congressional District.

Also in 2000, Mr. Krawchuk sought the Libertarian nomination for vice president of the United States, ultimately placing third in a field of five.

In his 1998 gubernatorial race, he became the first Libertarian to break the 1% barrier for that office, and in his 1994 race for State Representative, Mr. Krawchuk became the first third-party candidate ever to be endorsed by the Pennsylvania National Rifle Association.

Between 1995 and 1997, he served two terms as the Eastern Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania, then three terms as their Legal Action committee chair. In 2002 he was elected state party chair, a position he held until 2004. He currently serves as Chair of the state party's Judicial Committee, and has been Secretary of the Montgomery County Libertarian Party since 2008.

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